SUNY Plattsburgh Lake Champlain Data Buoys

Photo by Chad Hammer

Our data buoys are supported by the Lake Champlain Sea Grant and the International Joint Commission (via the University of Vermont). You can help us provide more community-shared observations with a tax-deductible donation to our project. Any amount helps! Donate here.

SUNY Plattsburgh currently maintains two data buoys: one southeast of Valcour/Garden Islands and one in the South Main Lake region of Lake Champlain (south of Westport). The buoys collect information on surface weather and lake water temperatures (from the surface to a depth of 50m at Valcour and 14m South Main Lake). Near real time data is provided here for general use, but attribution to SUNY Plattsburgh and our funding agencies is requested for any further distribution. Support for the data buoy comes from NOAA Lake Champlain Sea Grant, the Lake Champlain Research Consortium, and SUNY Plattsburgh (Center for Earth and Environmental Science and Lake Champlain Research Institute).

A discussion of Lake Champlain conditions and forecast can be found on the Burlington National Weather Service Recreation Forecast: HERE

Interested in 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019 data? Contact Eric at: eleib003 [at]
Current Conditions

Graphs(last 7 days):
Surface Air Temperature
Wind Speed
Water Temperature @ Valcour; S. Main Lake
Water Temperature @ 1m (3.3 ft.); 5m (16.5 ft.); 10m (33 ft.); 25m (82 ft.); 49m (160 ft.)
Solar Radiation

Graphs(all season):
Surface Air Temperature
Wind Speed/Direction
Water Temperature @ Valcour; S. Main Lake; Difference
Water Temperature @ 1m (3.3 ft.); 5m (16.5 ft.); 10m (33 ft.); 25m (82 ft.); 49m (160 ft.)
Solar Radiation
Battery: Valcour; SML
Location of Valcour: Lat. Lon.; X-Y
Location of SML: Lat. Lon.; X-Y
Comparison to 2016-2019: T @ 1m

For more information, contact Eric Leibensperger: eleib003[at]